CAPTURED: Expression of Interest

CAPTURED: Expression of Interest

CAPTURED will help the owners of small firms to access skills and knowledge to develop and manage their business through introducing hand-on support from managers from larger businesses in the region.

CAPTURED takes the form of 3 half-day workshops where you and a number of other small business owners will each work with your own small team of managers from large regional firms such as Siemens and Sage – effectively an extended management team.

You will be part of the bigger group for a number of inspirational sessions, but the majority of your CAPTURED time will be focussed on harnessing the skills and expertise of 'your' managers to help you develop a better understanding of your opportunities and needs, and how to address challenges you face in achieving your aims.

Due to the availability of funding from the UK Commission for Enterprise and Skills there is no charge for this programme. We are looking to select the businesses who:

- Employ fewer than 20 employees
- Operate in any sector
- Are based in the North East of England

In order to register your interest in CAPTURED please complete the details requested below.