Impact of COVID-19 on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and research, across the EPSRC Supergen program

Impact of COVID-19 on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and research, across the EPSRC Supergen program

The EPSRC Supergen program of the Bioenergy Hub, Energy Networks Hub, Offshore Renewable Energy Hub, SuperSolar Hub, Energy Storage Hub and H2FC Supergen are working collaboratively in Equality Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

We, as a team, wish to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on our work in research and in supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

We would be delighted if you would complete this questionnaire. Responses are anonymised, and your honest input will better enable us to ensure our actions are inclusive, offer equality of opportunity, and support diversity .

The survey has five sections:
1. About you
2. Your working arrangements
3. Barriers and enablers to attending EPSRC Supergen events
4. Barriers and enablers to submitting proposals to EPSRC Supergen calls
5. Barriers and enablers specifically due to COVID-19

The survey should take less than 30 minutes to complete. There are opportunities for you to add comments at the end of each section. These comments will be read and incorporated into our future action plans. All related Supergen Hubs (as mentioned above) are using one single survey, you will only need to complete this survey once for the Hub which you are most affiliated with.

Please ignore any questions that you do not think relate to you. The questions are non-compulsory, so you can skip any that you do not wish to answer, and there is often a “Prefer not to say” option which you can use. Please ensure you do go through to the end of the survey, however, so that your answers are submitted.

You can choose to withdraw your participation at any time by exiting during the online survey, and your responses will not be recorded. All answers are anonymised. Questions regarding personal details are limited. Please note however that the questions do cover sensitive topics and you may wish to have some privacy when completing the survey.