Join the NUCoRE in Data

Join the NUCoRE in Data

Newcastle University's Centre of Research Excellence (NUCoRE) in Data aspires to stimulate and grow research in data at Newcastle University.

By fostering multidisciplinary collaborations, we will support the development of new methods for extracting value from data, and encourage novel applications of methods in a variety of domains.

To achieve this, we are working with staff from all three faculties and a wide range of disciplines. We aim to create a diverse community underpinned by a culture of collaboration.

We welcome everyone with an interest in data research at Newcastle University to help us achieve our vision: academic staff, technical staff, professional services staff, and students from all backgrounds and disciplines.

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We will be launching a website for the NUCoRE in Data shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions, contact Elena Gorman: