Women and LBT intersections: creating an inclusive culture

Women and LBT intersections: creating an inclusive culture

Feeling welcome, feeling included, feeling valued – these are important factors people need for their mental wellbeing, their sense of belonging, purpose, confidence and to reach their potential.

In this session, we will consider some of the particular challenges that women who are lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender may face as well as the strengths that can be drawn from these intersections. We will discuss strategies for creating an inclusive culture for colleagues and students. After exploring the term ‘intersectionality’, the session will answer the following questions:

- How might your university ‘speak’ (or not) to LBT women – students, colleagues and visitors?
- How might you be good ally to LBT women?
- Why does it matter?

We will discuss what good practice looks like and following the workshop, you will be more knowledgeable about challenges facing LBT women and more confident in your role in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.

About Julie
I support organisations and groups to enhance gender and LGBT equality and inclusion by creating and delivering bespoke training, consultancy and interactive workshops as well as offering professional development coaching to those seeking to develop or change careers. I am a recovering academic, having set up my own business in 2017 after a career of over fourteen years in academia, most recently as a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University. For further information, please see: www.juliescanlon.co.uk