Your views about everyday sexism

Your views about everyday sexism

This short online form has been designed for all current students and staff at Newcastle University to anonymously share their experience(s) of everyday sexism on campus.

The form comprises three open response questions as well as some ‘monitoring information’ which will be separated from the answers you provide to protect anonymity and confidentiality (see data protection statement at the bottom of the page).

Completing the survey should take 5-10 minutes but it might take longer if you have a lot to say. We recommend you answer the questions in one sitting or type-up your responses at leisure in a word processor and copy-and-paste over to the form when you are ready to make a submission.

Please note that by completing the form you are indicating your consent to participate in the study.

Should you not wish to participate and/or have any further questions then please contact either of us via:

Prof. Peter Hopkins (PI)

Dr. Graeme Mearns (RA)

Thank you.