Career Pathways Webinar

Career Pathways Webinar

This webinar is aimed at PhD students, and early-mid career researchers who are interested in exploring different career pathways in health-related applied statistics. There will be talks from statisticians in different sectors discussing their careers, the challenges, milestones and highlights that can be expected in their fields, and critical advice on whether and when to specialise in either a clinical or methodological area to best succeed in each sector.

For further information please contact Dr Jen Lewis ( or Dr Sam Leary (

9:00-9:15 Brief introduction to NIHR Statistics Group and the NIHR Methodology Incubator
{Prof Dawn Teare and Dr Catey Bunce, NIHR Statistics Group Leads }

Session 1: Career Talks - chaired by Dr Sam Leary (Lead of Career Development Group) on behalf of
the NIHR Statistics Group
9:15-9:30 Academic Research
Professor Steven Julious, University of Sheffield - Working as an academic statistician: a career path or a random walk
9:30:9:45 Clinical Trials Units
Professor Judith Bliss, Institute of Cancer Research - The art and science of life as a CTU Director
9:45-10:00 National Health Service
Dr Catherine Fullwood, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation
Trust - Working as a Statistician in the NHS
10:00-10:10 - Break
10:10-10:25 Charity sector
Therese Lloyd, The Health Foundation
Trial and error – a not-so-straight-and-narrow career path to working for a non-profit organisation
10:25-10:40 Contract Research Organisation/Pharmaceuticals
Dr Lyn Taylor, Phastar
Pharmaceutical Statistician Choosing your own path
10:40-10:50 - Break

Session 2: Panel Discussion - chaired by Dr Mona Kanan (Statistics Workstream) on behalf of the NIHR Methodology Incubator
10:50-11:25 Q&A session with all speakers
11:25-11:30: Thank you & close.