Data Toolbox - Creative Fuse NE

Data Toolbox - Creative Fuse NE

The Creative Fuse North East's 'Data Toolbox' is a 'bootcamp' style online programme with 12 hours of funded training delivered in six sessions between 6th and 17th December, by lead trainer Ronnie Das and a GDPR specialist.

The programme is ideal for a range of participants including, for example, managers or Business Information specialists who wish to upskill their data analytics and data driven decision-making skills without necessarily having to comprehend mathematical and IT jargon, and who don’t have any prior knowledge of data analytics or machine learning techniques.

You will be part of a cohort of small enterprises from the North East starting their journey towards developing/implementing data driven approaches to their business practice and decision making. The practical programme will help you and your business to become more innovative, productive and effective.

You will need to be able to join all the sessions as below:-

• 6th December – 11am-12pm
• 8th December – 10am-1pm
• 10th December – 11am-1pm
• 13th December – 10am-12pm
• 14th December – 11am-1pm
• 17th December – 11am-1pm

Complete information about the programme can be found on our website at

To join the programme please complete the form below as fully as possible. Questions marked with the red star are mandatory.

If you have any queries please contact:
Stephanie Roberts, Creative Fuse Project Administrator or
Mark Adamson, Project Director at