Post-Submission Scholarship

Post-Submission Scholarship

Post Submission Scholarships are available to all research students (PhD, MD, MPhil and MRes). The Scholarship will cover a basic stipend (living allowance of up to £1250 per calendar month) for up to a maximum of three months for PhD, MD and MPhil students and one month for MRes students. The Scholarship can be applied for at any time but will only be awarded on submission of a thesis or on completion of the final dissertation in the case of MRes students. Scholarships are awarded in support of three areas:

Intern Scholarships
Support for students to spend time with an organisation outside of the University. Internships offer the chance to demonstrate the broad range of skills developed through research and support employability. Any contribution made by the host organisation would be viewed favourably in an application.

Enterprise Scholarships
Either directly or indirectly many research projects lead to significant social benefits and commercially viable products or services. Research groups are not always able to investigate the full potential of their findings. The Enterprise Scholarship allows a research student time to investigate any such potential benefits. The funding only supports the research student’s time, any additional resources to support their activity would need to be in place at the time of applying for the Scholarship.

Academic Development Scholarships
It is not always possible to get all the key data from a research degree written up into the highest quality publications, particularly when Doctoral Degrees are funded for three years. The Academic Development Scholarship supports a research student for up to three months stipend in which they can write, or revise, high-quality publications that may determine their career path.
All scholarships applications will require the support of the student’s supervisor. Research students may apply for more than one Scholarship. A maximum of one Scholarship will be awarded to each student.

A plan indicating milestones, short monthly interim progress reports and a final report may be required, completing an application confirms you are happy to provide the required reporting.

Applications will be reviewed on or as near as possible to the first of each Month.

If your application is successful, please note that payments will not be released until your thesis is submitted AND you have re-registered as 'under examination'.