Expression of Interest: RAISE Student Blog

Expression of Interest: RAISE Student Blog

Thanks for your interest in writing a RAISE Student Blog!

Writing a blog post is an opportunity to share your experience of student engagement, including examples of good practice, or what you have learned from a project or developing a resource.

A RAISE Student Blog post could focus on any of the following.

• Reflections on a specific approach to teaching, innovative practice, or application of technology in your teaching. For example, perhaps you’ve made use of wikis to promote student engagement, have a model for the design of your course Moodle, or a student partnership initiative.
• Reflecting on, and sharing, a resource you’ve developed that may be of interest to a broader audience (e.g. a teaching resource, a pioneering new module, or an approach to student skills development)
• Offering a provocative perspective or call to action on an aspect of learning, teaching, assessment or student experience about which you feel passionate (e.g. widening participation, inclusivity, or employability)
• Considering the content and your reflections on a conference, professional development event, or a book/ article related to student engagement

We also welcome other ideas that may not fit into the above categories, so long as they are focused on student engagement as per RAISE’s definition.

If you have any queries relating to submitting an idea for a RAISE Student Blog, please contact