EAMS 2021 - Offer to contribute a talk or activity

EAMS 2021 - Offer to contribute a talk or activity

Thanks for offering to contribute to EAMS 2021! Use this form to propose a talk or activity that you would like to deliver during the conference.

You don't have to fix every detail now - if your submission is accepted, let us know about any changes, and we'll do our best to accommodate them.

Talks will be delivered over Zoom. Pre-recorded talks will be introduced by a host, with time for questions and answers afterwards. We have limited space for live talks.

Demos and Workshops can be delivered however you like - you could give a demonstration over Zoom, or provide an area in the conference's Moodle environment for participants to explore.

We'll give you access to the Moodle environment before the conference begins, so you can set up whatever you need.

Submissions made before 2021-06-15 will receive a reply by 2021-06-18.