CAKE 5 'Fused Creativity in the City'

CAKE 5 'Fused Creativity in the City'

Creative Fuse North East is delivered by the five regional Universities and will help create new means by which to release unrealised potential within the Creative Economy and broader business communities. Creative Fuse North East will equip organisations with new creative confidence and capacity to develop innovation partnerships and ways of working, in order to respond to the challenges that matter to them.

CAKE (collaboration and knowledge exchange) meetings will happen every second Thursday of each month, bringing together businesses, academics, freelancers, charities and public sector organisations to hear three short, stimulating presentations or provocations on a theme, followed by networking, and of course, cake. Creativity, digital and IT (CDIT) will be at the heart of our discussions, but CAKE will cover any and all topics, and show the multiple ways CDIT impacts upon all our work and lives. We’re keen to hear your ideas for themes and presentations for future CAKE events.

Thursday 10th November, 9 - 11am

9.15 Presentations and Q&A

10-11am Networking

National Glass Centre, Sunderland

The word ‘city’ is in the title of this CAKE event but we recognize that creativity isn’t just confined to an urban setting or context – creativity shouldn’t have boundaries.

However, at a time when the city of Sunderland is looking to deliver on big ambitions for culture and the creative endeavor and profile that will form part of the city’s future, we will talk about a number of activities, projects and approaches that will show how collaboration, enquiry and co-development can lead to ‘fused creativity’.

Sunderland has an established Cultural Strategy and a strong Cultural Partnership; is actively developing its pitch for the 2021 City of Culture; and has new, innovative and creative venues scheduled to launch soon. November’s CAKE in Sunderland will present the opportunity to debate and discuss what it can mean to make a location ‘more creative’, telling a story about working with partners and collaborators to help shape the profile and energy of a location or place.